Tips for installing your outdoor KoolKustomDecals
1.  Patience, good preparation, a steady hand, and good weather will produce the best results.
2.  Always install your decal when the temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the weather is NOT windy.
3.  Your KoolKustomDecal comes in one piece and is sandwiched between a clear layer of protective tape and a layer of backing paper.
4.  Both the backing paper and the clear protective tape are removed during the installation process.
5.  The adhesive side of your KoolKustomDecal is sticking to the backing paper and peels off easily.
6.  Be careful as you peel off your KoolKustomDecal as the adhesive on the vinyl is extremely sticky.
7.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure the surface you are going to install your KoolKustomDecal is absolutely clean and spotless!


Method One (Use if you are installing a small, one piece decal on a flat surface)
1.  Peel off the backing layer.
2.  Starting at any one side (top, bottom, right or left), place the edge of the decal where you want it.
3.  Slowly lay rest of the decal down on the surface, pressing down gently while making good contact with the surface.
4.  Gently peel off clear protective tape from decal.


Method Two (Use if you are installing a medium to large, one piece decal)
1.  If your KoolKustomDecal is larger, flatten it out in a warm room before applying.
2.  Get a piece of hard plastic like a putty knife or credit card.
3.  Mix weak soapy water(3 drops of dish washing liquid per quart of water) in a spray bottle.
4.  Spray surface lightly with soapy water.  Peel off backing and expose the sticky side of the vinyl.  Lightly spray the sticky side with soapy water as well. NOTE: Use soapy water lightly.  If you drown the surface or the sticky vinyl surface too much, the vinyl will not stick!!
5.  Starting at any one side (top, bottom, right or left), place the edge of the decal where you want it.
6.  Slowly lay rest of decal down on installation surface.  If needed, gently move decal to exact position where you want it.
7.  Using the piece of hard plastic, gently smooth out any air or water bubbles on your KoolKustomDecal, working from the center to outside edges.  Starting from the center will help in to avoid trapping air or water bubbles.  Allow about 1 hour to dry.
8.  Finish by peeling the clear protective tape very slowly back on itself.  Don't just pull straight away from the surface.  Using the slow motion will allow the vinyl to stay on the surface while removing the tape.  Pop any bubbles with a pin and press out the air or water.  If your KoolKustomDecal moves, smooth it back down and try to smooth out any additional water bubbles and try again.  This is why you want to use the soapy water LIGHTLY!!!